Mercer County
Amateur Master Soccer League

Fall 2020 Season Has Started for Over-30 and Over-40 Divisions

Our Mercer Men's League (MCAMSL) over-30 and over-40 divisions has returned to play for the Fall Season, after having missed all spring. See divisions for more info.

Congrats to Barcelona & WWP for Summer Season 

Team Barcelona repeated as winners of the regular season standings, but third-seeded WWP had a great run to win the Playoffs. Congrats to both teams. See standings. 

Stay Safe, Return to Play Is Optional   

See the RETURN TO PLAY Covid-19 Protocols listed below.

Our governor and state health officials are asking us to minimize unnecessary gatherings, and while we all need and crave exercise, it is in our community's best interest to distance ourselves physically as much as possible. Stay healthy as best you can, and please follow the expert advice we have all seen and heard in the media.

Adult Soccer


30 & Over Division
12 Teams - Sunday Mornings
Kickoff 9am & 10:30am

Congrats to over-30 2019-20 Regular Season Champions CAM.

Fall 2020: Sept 20 - Nov 22
Spring 2021: Mar 21- June 27

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40 & Over Division
8 Teams - Thursday Nights
Kickoff 8:00pm

Congrats to over-40 2019-2020 Regular Season Champions Mercer Americans.

Fall 2020: Sept 17 - Nov 12
Spring 2021: Mar 25 - June 17

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OPEN Division
8 Teams - Mon & Wed Nights
Kickoff 7pm & 8:30pm

Congrats to summer OPEN 2020 Regular Season undefeated champions Barcelona and Playoff Champions WWP.

Summer 2021: June 14  - July 28

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⚽ Fall Seasons subject to change as COVID-19 conditions change. ⚽

Return to Play Requirements

Covid Soccer Ball All Referees must read this important COVID-19 Guidance for Referees as we return to play.

All Players, before they can return to play and participate, must

  1. read our COVID-19 Guidance for Players (also shown below), as well as
  2. read NJ Health's Guidance for Sports Activities, and
  3. print and sign our Player Agreement and bring it to first game.

Return to Play Guidance for Mercer Men Soccer Players

Do not participate if you:

  • have a fever (100+)
  • exhibit any signs or symptoms of Covid-19
  • had a fever or symptoms, in the last 2 weeks
  • been exposed to anyone in the last 2 weeks who has exhibited signs and symptoms of Covid-19
  • are not comfortable engaging in competitive sport at this time

If you are healthy and choose to participate:

  • you MUST provide up-to-date contact information (phone, email, residence) to your captain
  • you MUST sign MCAMSL “Player Agreement” and confirm you have read and understood NJ Dept of Health “Guidance for Sports Activities.”
  • take your temperature before joining your teammates
  • sanitize your hands and equipment before and after play
  • bring your own personal hand sanitizer
  • bring plenty of hydration for your personal use only
  • do NOT expect bathroom facilities to be accessible
  • do not share equipment including: jerseys, towels, pinnies, etc.

At the soccer facility:

  • protective masks are to be worn arriving at and departing from the facility
  • protective masks are optional during play
  • only players, coaches, refs and medical personnel are allowed on the field
  • no sharing of hydration
  • keep gear 6 feet away from gear of others
  • all officials, substitutes and bench personnel must maintain 6ft distancing from others throughout the game
  • spectators in designated areas must follow social distancing guidelines
  • no close-proximity discussions, celebrations, greetings (no high-fives, handshakes, fist bumps, etc.)

Team captains:

  • maintain up-to-date contact list for all your players (phone, email, residence) and track exactly which dates they attend
  • bring disinfectant wipes to be used as needed on shared benches, soccer balls, etc.
  • monitor your players signs and symptoms and send them home if you suspect they are ill
  • report any unusual or uncomfortable incidents to league president as soon as possible


  • use your own officiating gear, do not share
  • remind field players to maintain physical distancing pre-game, post-game and between periods
  • advise players to maintain 6ft distancing whenever approaching officials
  • remind players to refrain from close-proximity celebrations
  • ensure ball is sanitized before game and periodically during game (as needed on restarts and minimally between periods)
  • inappropriate physical contact including any attempt to spread bodily fluids on another person will be treated as a red card offense

Scrimmages - Practices/Pick-up Games

  • controlled scrimmages
  • kick-ins instead of throw-ins
  • minimize physical contact both ON and OFF the field
  • no spectators

Competitive Play - Scheduled Games

  • league games to be played
  • minimize physical contact OFF the field
  • minimize off-the-ball contact ON the field
  • spectators discouraged and must maintain physical distancing

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