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WEATHER/Rain Out Info

Over-30: Spring season  commences on April 19 (pending review).

Over-40: Spring season commences on April 16 (pending review).

OPEN: Open Season commences on June 15, 2020.

Soccer Over 30
Spring & Fall 2020
Sundays: Mar 22 - June 28
Sundays: Sep 13 - Nov 15

Soccer Over 40
Spring & Fall 2020
Thursdays: Mar 21 - June 18

Thursdays: Sep 10 - Nov 12

Soccer OPEN
Summer 2020
Mon/Wed: June 15 - July 29

Over-40: Congrats to over-40 2018-2019 Regular Season and Playoff Champions Gate 1 Travel. That's 4 years in a row for both titles!

Over-30: Congrats to over-30 2018-19 Regular Season champions and Playoff Champions Polish Falcon. That's 3 years in a row for playoff title!

OPEN: Congrats to OPEN 2019 Regular Season undefeated champions and Playoff Champions Barcelona!

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Indoor Soccer
Women's Soccer
Summer Soccer
Goalkeepers age 19 and up
For the under-30 crowd


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Our Mercer Men's League (MCAMSL) will postpone the start of our regular season until Thursday, April 16th (over-40 division) and Sunday April 19th (over-30 division). The opening date will be under review in the coming days as our community goes through this unprecedented response to a viral threat. We can discuss extending the season well into the summer months if players are amenable and facilities are available.

As I'm sure you've noticed, our community is aggressively combating the spread of COVID-19. Part of the response has been for schools and townships to close their facilities until further notice. We would normally play on turf fields at Lawrence High School, Notre Dame High School, Robbinsville High School, and Hopewell Township. I have been notified by all four facilities that their turf fields are CLOSED for all usage, including outside rentals, until further notice.

As you have undoubtedly noticed youth soccer leagues in NJ and across the country have suspended operations (some for 2 weeks, others for 6 weeks), including ECNL, EDP, SJSL/SJGSL, MNJSA, etc. Our governor and state health officials are asking us to minimize unnecessary gatherings, and while we all need and crave exercise, it is in our community's best interest to distance ourselves socially for the next month.

Stay healthy as best you can, and please follow the expert advice we have all seen in our inboxes this month. 


NJ Mens SoccerOur League includes two separate divisions:

  • 30 & Over Sunday Division
    12 teams (kickoff 9am/10:30am)
    Various TURF and Grass fields in Mercer County
  • 40 & Over Thursday Division
    8 to 10 teams (kickoff 8pm)
    Various TURF and Grass fields in Mercer County.
  • Best local fields, quality officials, priced right!

FORMAT: Format is 11 v 11 with two 40 minutes halves on full size soccer fields with professional referees.

PLAYER Registration: To register as an individual player, fill out and sign the attached form and send to the address indicated on the form along with your $120 check. This will secure your place on the candidate list for the teams that are forming before each season (fall and spring). Assignments are ongoing, but mostly occur in the pre-season and first couple of weeks of each season. No checks cashed until assignment is confirmed. It is recommended you confirm interest by email to info@mercermensoccer.net after you've mailed the form. Returning players should coordinate payment with their team captain.

Adult Soccer League near PrincetonTEAM Registration: To register as a full squad, team managers must contact Kirk LeCompte at info@mercermensoccer.net with your name and phone number. If approved, you must send a tentative roster form (.xls) and a deposit check for $250 to secure your team's spot. The team fee will be $1,700, which includes all league, field and referee fees, but not team jerseys, for a single season (fall or spring). Each of your players must also fill out and sign the attached form and mail to the address indicated.

RETURNING teams: Your deposit checks for $250 are due Aug 15 for fall season and March 1 for spring season. Full amount of $1,700 will be due before the first scheduled game. Please update your roster list and email it as soon as possible. Checks made out to MCAMSL and sent to Kirk LeCompte, 30 Springwood Dr, Lawrence Township, NJ 08648.

We look forward to having you and your teammates join our growing league!
More info - see below.

Reminder - Shin guards: For you die hards who are still living in the 1980's (wearing tight shorts and ankle socks), it's time to buy some shin guards and proper socks, not to mention longer shorts. Buy two pair, and keep one set in the trunk so you're never caught without them. Learn more about shin guards.

Summer Soccer 2020 - Slots for 8 Teams Only

New Jersey SoccerSummer League includes one OPEN division:

  • OPEN Division
    Match Play begins June 15
    8 Teams - Mon & Wed Nights
    Kickoff 7pm and 8:30pm

Details: Season is scheduled over 6+ weeks, during the evenings, mid-June to end of July in Mercer County Park. Open Division teams play both Mondays and Wednesdays each week. Format is 11 v 11 on full-sided fields with 2 referees. Schedule includes a playoff scenario.

TEAM Registration: To register as a full squad, team managers must contact Kirk LeCompte at info@mercermensoccer.net with your name and phone number. If approved, you must send a tentative roster form (.xls) and a deposit check for $250 to secure your team's spot. There will be a limit of 8 teams, first come, first serve. Every player must also fill out and sign the attached form. Total team fee, final roster and all player applications are due by June 15th. Players may be added during the season, but not during playoffs. Age is determined as of Dec 31 of current year (see rules for goalkeeper exceptions).

Age Restrictions: The OPEN dvision allows all ages 16 & over, but only a limited number of players under 18 who must be approved first. See rules for other age restrictions. Most players are in their early twenties.

Fees: Open Division team fee is $1075 (for 9+ games). Fee covers all league, field, and referee fees, but not team jerseys, which must be supplied by team itself. There are no other fees. This translates to about $7.50 per player per game. Checks are to be made out to MCAMSL and sent to Kirk LeCompte, 30 Springwood Dr, Lawrence Township, NJ 08648.

Looking for a team? Please contact info@mercermensoccer.net with your name, phone number(s), age, and soccer ability. We will circulate list of available players to team captains who have registered.


Check out these photos by Jim Brown

NJ Mens Soccer

Central New Jersey Adult Soccer League

Recreational Soccer in Mercer County ParkWELCOME to the website of the Mercer County Amateur Masters Soccer League (MCAMSL). We are an adult soccer league that plays competitive, outdoor, recreational soccer in Mercer County, New Jersey. We are also known as Mercer Men's Soccer, even though several teams have women on the roster.

We have an over-30 division that plays Sunday mornings, and an over-40 divisions that plays weeknights from September through November and from late March to early June. We also have a summer program for an OPEN division that plays weeknights in the summer. Format is 11 v 11 with two 40 minutes halves on full size soccer fields with professional referees.

Although we draw players mostly from Mercer County, we welcome all players and teams willing to make the weekly trek. We are looking to expand our league with additional players, teams and divisions.

If Mercer County is too far South for you, check out the Tri-County Soccer League along the I-78 and I-287 corridors in NJ. If you are looking for something a little less competitive, try WWPSA Adult Rec League. If you are closer to Philadelphia, check out Casa Soccer. Also, see opportunities for indoor soccer and summer soccer.

League costs are split by teams as a whole. Jerseys are not purchased by the League, but by each team separately. A $250 team deposit is required three weeks before the season start date. Team fees include referee fees, field rentals, liability insurance, and other administrative expenses. If expenses exceed expectations, teams will be responsible for splitting the extra costs later in the season. At this time, teams are responsible for their own jerseys. If you don't have a jersey, please wear a color that closely matches your team's selected color. See Teams page.

11v11 Soccer for Men Over 30AGE RESTRICTIONS
OPEN - minimum age 16, majority of players 18 & over
30 & Over - minimum age 28 (or 18 if GK)
40 & Over - minimum age 38 (or 28 if GK)
Players must turn the minimum age by December 31st of current calendar year. Requests for exceptions are generally not granted, but may be made to the league at info@mercermensoccer.net. Exceptions have been made for women players. A limited number of players under 18 are allowed in summer but must be approved.

Rules are posted online. We play FIFA rules with only minor modifications. There are unlimited substitutions at any stoppage recognized by referee. Yellow cards require stepping off the field, but players may be substituted. Slide tackling is NOT allowed in over-40 division, but is allowed in other divisions. All players MUST fill out and SIGN a player application form that includes a Hold Harmless agreement before they can play.

Field location and final schedule will be provided online a week or two before the season starts. Rained out games will be re-scheduled when possible (not necessarily on same day of week). Final rain out decisions and schedule changes will be posted online 2 hours before scheduled kickoff. ALWAYS Be sure to check web site before heading to your game.

For more information contact us at info@mercermensoccer.net.


Over 30 Mens SoccerWe recognize that a good goalkeeper is hard to find and can be the difference between winning and losing, and as such, we've relaxed the age-restriction on keepers as follows:

  • Our 30 & Over Division allows goalkeepers age 18 and over.

  • Our 40 & Over Division allows goalkeepers age 28 and over.



Adult Soccer League near PrincetonHere are some summer leagues to consider:



Indoor SoccerHere are some adult indoor options to consider:

More indoor info.


Our men's divisions do allow women, but we currently only have about 7 players registered on teams. Although we'd like to see more, and even start a women's only division, we also recommend the following:

If you know of a women's league that is looking for players, please let us know and we'll post it here.


We currently offer an OPEN division for players age 18 and over (allowance for 16 and 17 year olds too) during the Summer only (June - July). For Fall, Winter, and Spring, we recommend the following:


NJ Mens SoccerThis league is run by players not administrators. The Board of Directors consists of three corporate officers and the team representatives. Team reps meet at least once a year to set policies, rules, and costs. It's discussion and decisions by players at these meetings that differentiate our league from the rest.

Current officers are Kirk LeCompte serving as Board President, Ben Letson as Treasurer, and Michael Donnelly as Secretary. See teams page for list of team representatives.

We owe a great deal of thanks to the many volunteers who keep this league going. Their tireless, unpaid, often unseen efforts are equal to the their outstanding play on the field. And it's not just the Board and the Captains, though they are critical, but also the many players who maintain a friendly yet competitive spirit and who care enough to make suggestions for improvement and give of their time to make it happen.

Now is the time to make yourself known if you want to be a player in shaping how the league runs. Contact Kirk LeCompte at info@mercermensoccer.net or call 609.620.0127 to get involved in the planning.