NJ Adult Soccer League in the Garden State

Mercer County
Amateur Masters Soccer League

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Over-30: Games are ON as scheduled for Sun June 16.

OPEN: Games are ON as scheduled for Mon June 17.

Soccer Over 30
Spring & Fall 2019
Sundays: Mar 17 - June 30
Sundays: Sep 8 - Nov 17

Soccer Over 40
Spring & Fall 2019
Thursdays: Mar 21 - June 13

Thursdays: Sep 5 - Nov 15

Soccer OPEN
Summer 2019
Mon/Wed: June 17 - July 31

Over-40: Congrats to over-40 2018-2019 Regular Season and Playoff Champions Gate 1 Travel. That's 3 years in a row for both titles!

Over-30: Congrats to over-30 2018-19 Regular Season champions Polish Falcon. Good luck to everyone in playoffs!

OPEN: Congrats to 2018 Regular Season undefeated champions Bordentown. And to playoff champions Burlington FC.

Opportunities for
Indoor Soccer
Women's Soccer
Summer Soccer
Goalkeepers age 19 and up
For the under-30 crowd

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Over-30 Division
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Over-40 Division
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New Jersey Soccer
Mercer County Park
Central Jersey
Garden State Soccer
Mercer Soccer
Princeton Soccer
West Windsor Soccer
Hamilton Soccer
Lawrence Soccer
Trenton Soccer
Ewing Soccer
Hopewell Soccer
Washington Soccer
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Pennington Soccer
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Hightstown Soccer
Robbinsville Soccer
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 Mercer Americans
 Vito Galluccio
 Polish Falcon    Viktor Karakozov, Marek Wonka
 Tiger Acupuncture FC
 Joe & Mike Bonacci
 MC FC    Jason Bair
 BB FCA    Nils Arhens, Andres Pazmino
 Cosmos    Pedro Portilla
 Shedi Masters    Tyler Chiara
 Mercer United    Vito Canuso
 Blend Bar & Bistro    John Gallagher
 FC Hightstown
 Marco "Danny" Ordonez
 CAM of Princeton    Kasparas Spokas, Diego Pacheco

 Please visit and support our TEAM SPONSORS (click logo):

Hopewell Physical Therapy        Blend Bar and Bistro

 Gate 1 Travel    Paul Moorcraft, Robin Dean
 Mercer Americans
 Vito Gallucio
 All The Above
 Lorand Dobandi
 Yardley Wanderers    Bob Perales
 Inter FC
 Joerg Claus, Adam Turco
 Hopewell    Kevin Drennan
 Princeton Pike    Jim Ealy
 Mercer Red    Mike Cano, Jim Oliver, Kevin Ryde
 Ernie's FC    Daniel Meehan, Matt Altier

 Please visit and support our TEAM SPONSORS (click logo):

West Windsor Plainsboro Soccer Association
 Young Guns  Brennan Warwick
 Burlington FC    Luke Mrzljak
 Barcelona FC    Anthony Marabuto
 FC Mercer    Robert Banks
 Bordentown FC    Jason Zablow
 WWP    Gavin Grecsek
 Ivory Toast    Glenn Moody, Christian Herdt
 Mercer Rhinos    Bryan Alpizar


  • Recruit players (and team sponsors if desired)
  • Provide jerseys for players and identify jersey color to league president
  • Collect player application forms and payments, then
  • Pay all league fees and submit all required documentation for team and players
  • Forward all league emails to your players, and
  • Communicate weekly (or routinely) with your players
  • Act as liaison between your players and league officers and game officials
  • Have a team roster available at every game in case of disputes
  • Ensure your team knows and abides by the rules of the league and acts with honor and respect with regard to the game, other players, the officiating team, league officers, spectators, and the field and facilities.
  • Assign player positions on game days (unless someone else is coach)
Other Teams from previous years    
 Big B Buster    Gerry Grace
 FC Boro    Joe Cangelosi
 Windsor Athletic
 Bryan Lentine
 Ivory Toast
 Glenn Moody, Brett Meyer
 Bucks Alumni
 Shawn McComas
 Burlington FC    Luke Mrzljak
 Windsor Munich FC    Luis Cruz
 LFC    Anthony Rojas, Michael Scardelletti
 Rock Rollers    Ryan Hengerer
 Ryan's Team 2.0    Ryan Cooke
 Team Gelosi    A. J. Gelosi
 Jamesburg Indians    Tyler Chiara
 John Tampellini
 Varsity Pizza    Kevin Murphy
 Central Jersey FC    Ryan Monaghan
 Carvel Ice Cream    Carlos Garcia
 CAM    Chris Thomas
 Steinert Alumni    Kyle Emery
 TCNJ    Kevin Shaw
 Parallel FC
 Jorge Parra
 Cranbury Rangers    Sam Grubb
 Palermo    Brian Rostron
 Grizzlies    Curtis Fornarotto
 Chris Collier
 Hillsborough    Eric Stickle
 Hamilton Hoodrats    Bryan Gadsby
 International Players    Mike Ranallo (Trumpf)
 Hun Alumni    Steven Giannacio
 Hunterdon FC
 Mark Wonka
 Vuvuzelas FC    Nick Brett
 Golden's Boys    Khris Rowe
 Chris Sullivan

Kirk LeComptePresident
Kirk LeCompte

Ben Letson

Michael Donnelly


  1. All participants will abide by the rules of the league and act with honor, respect, and safety with regard to the game, the players, the officiating team, league officers, spectators, and the field and facilities. Respect is understood to be the collective responsibility of everyone involved to create a fair, safe and enjoyable environment in which the game can take place.
  2. Participants and their guests, will NOT smoke or consume alcohol or engage in any behavior that reflects poorly on the League at any time while on property where matches and practices are scheduled.
  3. Participants will abide by the rules and regulations governing the use of fields and facilities made available to the League and are also expected to leave such property as clean as or cleaner than when they arrived.
  4. Players who exhibit a pattern of misconduct by receiving multiple cautions within a season, or who are sanctioned for serious foul play, violent conduct, or insulting, offensive, or abusive language and/or gestures will be deemed to have violated the Code of Conduct and be subject to additional penalties.
  5. The Board reserves the right to educate and penalize both individuals and teams as they see fit for both individual and collective breaches of the code of conduct, including the right to ban participants (players, managers, coaches, officials, and teams) from the league temporarily or permanently based on their conduct or the conduct of their guests.