NJ Adult Soccer League in the Garden State

Mercer County
Amateur Masters Soccer League

General Info

WEATHER/Rain Out Info

Over-30: Spring season  commences on April 19 (pending review).

Over-40: Spring season commences on April 16 (pending review).

OPEN: Open Season commences on June 15, 2020.

Soccer Over 30
Spring & Fall 2020
Sundays: Mar 22 - June 28
Sundays: Sep 13 - Nov 15

Soccer Over 40
Spring & Fall 2020
Thursdays: Mar 21 - June 18

Thursdays: Sep 10 - Nov 12

Soccer OPEN
Summer 2020
Mon/Wed: June 15 - July 29

Over-40: Congrats to over-40 2018-2019 Regular Season and Playoff Champions Gate 1 Travel. That's 4 years in a row for both titles!

Over-30: Congrats to over-30 2018-19 Regular Season champions and Playoff Champions Polish Falcon. That's 3 years in a row for playoff title!

OPEN: Congrats to OPEN 2019 Regular Season undefeated champions and Playoff Champions Barcelona!

Opportunities for
Indoor Soccer
Women's Soccer
Summer Soccer
Goalkeepers age 19 and up
For the under-30 crowd


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Over-19 Division
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Over-30 Division
schedule / standings

Over-40 Division
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Mens Soccer Over 30 General Information

KEY CONTACT: info@mercermensoccer.net
or call Kirk LeCompte at 609.620.0127
(if urgent, try mobile at 609.731.5924)

Contact us if you are a player looking for a team, or a team looking for a league, send us an email with your info, or feel free to come to a game and talk to a team captain or the League President. We are always looking for more players!

DIRECTIONS: We play on various fields in Mercer County. See DIRECTIONS page.


INDOOR SOCCER: See separate indoor info.

OUTDOOR SOCCER: 11 v 11 on full size soccer fields, two 40-minute halves with professional referees. Roster size of 22 players but typically 15 players at a game.

COST: Most teams charge about $100 per player (varies somewhat b/c of uniforms and such), for a 10 game season. There's no better deal in NJ for a competitive, recreational season of soccer with 2 refs on the field. See home page for more info.

FIELD RENTAL: We rent both grass and artificial turf fields from Recreation Department of Mercer County and various townships, soccer clubs, schools, and colleges.

WEATHER: Definitive Rain/Weather Status for our LEAGUE is our website (see sidebar on left). We do not have a phone hotline. Status will be posted no later than 2 hours before game time. Please check website before leaving for your game.

Mercer County Amateur Master Soccer League is a NJ Nonprofit Corporation.
IRS Identification Number (TIN/EIN): 20-1531349
NJ NonProfit Corporation ID: 0400-0663-56
Evidence of Nonprofit Status (PDF)
Evidence of Insurance

Documents for Download (DOC or PDF)

Player Application & Hold Harmless Agreement (PDF) required for every player (doc version)

Team Roster (XLS) required for every team, captain files with League.

Game Roster (DOC) abbreviated roster with jersey #, good for games.

Current Rules (PDF) alternatively view html version (doc version)

Current Over-19 Schedule (PDF) alternatively view html version
Current Over-30 Schedule (PDF) alternatively view html version
Current Over-40 Schedule (PDF) alternatively view html version

Mercer County Park Soccer Field Map (PDF) Note: Soccer Fields 1 and 2 are reversed on map
Mercer County Park Detailed Map (PDF) Note: Soccer Fields 1 and 2 are reversed on map

Referee Notices

Ref Notice Sheet (PDF) League adjustment to FIFA rules (doc Version)

Ref Crib Sheet (PDF) wallet-size version of Ref Notice (doc Version)

Notice To All Eligible Players

Mercer County SoccerThe League has the status of LLC (limited liability corporation or association). All the players involved must read, understand and sign the League's Hold Harmless Agreement. By this witnessed agreement, players agree to not sue the LLC or the owners of the fields where we play for incidents provoking losses, temporary or permanent disability, which are risks incurred during the practice of soccer. MCAMSL is not affiliated with the Garden State Soccer League. While the league does have liability insurance, it does not provide health insurance or accept any claims for reimbursement for individual players who are injured. Play at your own risk!